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Important Notice on Adjusting Relevant Requirements for Nucleic Acid and Serum Antibody Testing and Reiterating "Non-essential, No travel."

Recently, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases imported from Switzerland has increased significantly, as a result, the flight on December 27th, 2020 was suspended. On January 10th, 5 confirmed cases were detected on the flight from Zurich to Shanghai. According to the investigation, most of the confirmed cases are related to not complying with the home isolation requirements after testing and frequent cross-border travel, and the inadequate testing of some testing institutions. At present, European countries, including Switzerland, are still in a stage of high pandemics. The UK has reported a transmissible coronavirus variant, and the new coronavirus mutation has spread to the European continent. To protect the health and life safety of passengers and flight attendants and build a strong frontline for external defense, following the latest domestic requirements, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Switzerland now kindly ask everyone to carefully consider the risk of infection during the pandemic and follow the principle of "non-essential, no travel". At the same time, further specifications and explanations will be made on the relevant requirements for coronavirus nucleic acid testing and serum antibody testing for passengers who need to travel urgently:

1. Starting from January 20th, the test of serum-specific IgM antibodies must be done by professional medical staff through venous blood sampling. The test report must also clearly indicate the words Serum, IgM, and Venous. The report must also clearly state the specific test method, such as (1) Colloidal gold; (2) Chemiluminescence; (3) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (4) For other test methods, please also specify what kind of technique is used.

2. Starting from January 20th, the nucleic acid test report must indicate nucleic acid (NAAT), Rt-PCR, etc., as well as specific sampling methods, including (1) Pharyngeal swab; (2) Nasopharyngeal swab; (3) Other testing methods, please also specify what kind of technique is used.

3. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Switzerland will no longer issue health QR Code / Health Declaration Certificate for third-country passengers who do not live in Switzerland but temporarily entered Switzerland only for the purpose of the both tests. Passengers taking direct flights to China shall show their travel documents when sampling. The testing agency shall indicate the name, date of birth, travel ID number, and other essential information on the test report. Non-Swiss passengers shall upload their Swiss residence certificate, including residence card, residence certificate, Swiss visa, or Meldebestätigung etc., while uploading the test reports.

4. Following the requirement of double tests being made twice for transit flights to China, passengers from a third country transiting to China via Switzerland shall for the first time undergo the tests for both PCR and IgM in the country of departure and obtain their health QR Code / Health Declaration Certificate at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country of departure. After their arrival in Zurich, passengers shall for the second time take the tests for both PCR and IgM in the transfer area of Zurich Airport as arranged by Swiss Airlines ( Please log onto the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich to find further information in the "Notice on double tests Arrangements in the transit area of Zurich Airport and Airline Boarding Requirements" on December 19th, 2020 ). Accordingly, they shall apply for the second Health QR Code /Health Declaration Certificate.

5. Starting from January 20th, the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Switzerland will only accept the test results from the published test agency (attached). The Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Switzerland will verify the authenticity of the results with the testing agency. Passengers are requested to inform the sampling and testing agency to agree to disclose the test results and personal information to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate during the test.

6. Passengers are requested to isolate themselves at home after sampling and testing, minimize contact with the outside world, and be sure to take personal protection during the trip to the airport, so as to avoid affecting your health and travel to China.

7. For any inconsistencies with this notice in the notices, FAQs, and precautions previously issued, this notice shall prevail.


Chinese Embassy in Switzerland

Chinese Consulate General in Zurich

January 18th, 2021

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